When does a person use affect versus effect?  How about further versus farther?  Dare I even bring up who versus whom? As blog publishers we have some responsibility to try to use the correct words, good grammar and proper punctuation.  Just thinking about it can make my fingers freeze aboveRead More →

Have you received an email saying that Mars will pass remarkably close to the Earth this month? I got this one earlier this week and sadly it’s just not true. Did you receive an email warning you about the “Olympic Torch” virus? If you did you’re not the only one.Read More →

I’m planning a trip to Idaho in the next few weeks. The last time I went there I was stuck in the Boise airport for hours. This time I’m going to be prepared! I’m bringing my laptop. I see by looking at Wi-Fi Free Spot that the Boise airport hasRead More →

I read about BooksPrice the other day and couldn’t wait to try it out!  Simply go to the site and enter the title of a book (or DVD) that you’d like to buy.  The site will show you a list of possible matches.  You tell it which one you’d likeRead More →

I was looking up real estate listings the other day when I found a great new map site. It’s http://local.live.com/. Click on the “bird’s eye” view button to see amazingly detailed aerial views. For a few of the homes there was no aerial view on file but most of theRead More →

I’ve added a list of interesting business blogs on the right column of the site.  Enjoy!

Google PageRank (PR) is a way that Google devised to rank a website’s popularity. Google explains it this way: PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link fromRead More →

Last week I tried sending my brother a real estate listing that I’d found.  “The link didn’t work,” he emailed back.  And I could see why.  The URL was so long that the line wrapped when he got it.  That made the link break.  Then I went to http://tinyurl.com/.  TinyURL.com is aRead More →

Have you ever been trying to buy something with PayPal or trying to login to a site when things just won’t work right? You click on help and there it is. “Clear all cookies from your machine and try again.” What is a cookie? How in the world do youRead More →