Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  That’s what business diversification is about.  It’s a great idea, but how do we do it?  Gina Maddox has written a wonderful post on the topic that shows us it may be as easy as looking at what’s in front of ourRead More →

State governments across the country are looking for ways to increase state revenues.  North Carolina is one of the states considering taxing online revenue as a way to increase state coffers.  However their imminent legislation has had some unexpected results.   The Motley Fool states, Amazon is fighting back. It’s threateningRead More →

One way that people monetize their blogs or websites is by using a donation button.  You might have seen them.  Typically they’ll say something like, “If you read this blog help support us by making a donation.”  It’s not that different from what PBS or NPR does. I don’t  knowRead More →

The Simple Dollar is a financial website that I visit every day.  I’m not alone.  This blog is so popular that it gets about a million visitors a day.  That’s some serious traffic! This is an interesting situation on so many levels.  Trent Hamm, the author of The Simple Dollar,Read More →

What goes into making a website?  There’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), graphic design, code (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc.), usability and marketing.  People often forget about that last one.  The fact is that having a marketing plan is just as important as anything else on the list. Here’s an article byRead More →

Wife in the North is a blog that was so popular that Judith O’Reilly, aka “the wife”, was offered a book deal.  The blog chronicles Judith’s life as she adjusts from her posh life in London to living in country of Northumberland.  The book, as well as the blog, isRead More →

This is the second part of a response to an article on the Wall Street Journal entitled How to Create a Successful Web Site For Nothing (or Almost Nothing). You can see part one of my response here. In part one I analyzed points one through three of the article.Read More →

If you have Google AdSense on your website you’ll want to review your ad colors. Google recently made changes to the “clickable” areas of AdSense ads and your present color scheme may no longer work to your advantage. Previously everything in an AdSense ad was clickable. The text in theRead More →

Some websites, including several that I publish, generate revenue by running ads. Because these ads generate revenue there’s an urge to add more and more of them as a way to increase revenue. But at some point there are just too many darned ads. How do you know when you’veRead More →

CafePress makes it easy to sell t-shirts, coffee mugs and other items relating to your website.  There are no minimum orders, no shipping to do and you can set your own prices. How does it work?  Go to and get an account. They have detailed instructions that help youRead More →