Back in the day there were a number of software systems that helped people make websites.  One of those software systems was XSitePro.  The software was released in 2004.  Sadly, their ten-year run is at an end.  They’ve closed their doors as of today. Why?  The head of the company,Read More →

“Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer,” was big news last week.  But what does that mean for you?  Heck, what does it even mean at all? Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari and Chrome are all examples of website browsers.  A browser is software used to view website pages.   (If you aren’tRead More →

I’ve often written about the importance of renewing domain names.  Domain names are registered by the website owner and there’s an annual registration fee.  Once that fee runs out, then another party can register that name. The subject came up recently in the news. Brian McCrary was a disgruntled man. Read More →

State governments across the country are looking for ways to increase state revenues.  North Carolina is one of the states considering taxing online revenue as a way to increase state coffers.  However their imminent legislation has had some unexpected results.   The Motley Fool states, Amazon is fighting back. It’s threateningRead More →

Awhile ago I did a post about googlegangers. I explained that a googleganger is someone who shares your name. You can find these people when you look your name up on Google. The New York Times recently did an article on the subject. (Did I scoop the New York Times?Read More →