phpList Newsletter Manager – Features and Upgrade Service

One of my favorite email newsletter systems is phpList. Why do I like it so much? Let me count the ways. One installation of phpList can send emails out to multiple lists of subscribers The subscription process is automatic The subscription pages and system emails are all customizable phpList can give list owners statistics on […]

Newsletter Tip

If you publish an online newsletter be sure to sign up for it yourself.  It helps you answer some important questions, questions that you should be asking. Did the newsletter really go out? Earlier this week I assisted a client with his newsletter.  He was going to send out the newsletter email later in the […]

Do Not Try This at Home – Part Two

This is the second part of a response to an article on the Wall Street Journal entitled How to Create a Successful Web Site For Nothing (or Almost Nothing). You can see part one of my response here. In part one I analyzed points one through three of the article. Today I’m going to take […]

Newsletter Nightmare

I’m on the mailing list for a local wine shop. The weekly newsletters are great. They alert me to shop specials and let me know about wine tastings. I signed up for the newsletter when the wine shop first opened. Things had been going along merrily for about a year and a half. Then it […]

Online Newsletters – phplist

A great way to keep in contact with your customers, encourage return visits to your website and increase sales is with a newsletter. The newsletter system I recommend is phplist. In fact it’s the one that I use for my three newsletters. (Yep, I have three newsletters.) Here’s an example: Subscribe to the Charles Dickens […]