Safe Ways to Collect Credit Card Information

Last week I did an emergency website fix for a new customer.  I hadn’t built the site and wasn’t familiar with its functionality.  As I worked on their payment page, I realized what I was looking at.  The page collected credit card information and then emailed the credit card details to the website owner.  The […]

Premium CafePress Shop

I’ve written about CafePress shops before.  They’re fairly easy to set up and it’s one way that website owners can make money online.  The CafePress interface allows you to make a wide variety of products.  There are t-shirts, greeting cards, water bottles, Thermos containers and even thongs.  Too much information?  Sorry.  The point is that […]


A few years ago I wrote a post about Pingdom.  (See below for a copy of the post.)  Pingdom monitors your websites to make sure they’re up and running.  It’s a great service and I still use them today.  I see that they now offer a free account for monitoring one website or server. Is […]

Holiday Shopping Problem Solved

I can’t believe it’s November already and, gulp, time to start thinking about holiday shopping.  You know what my biggest gift-giving problem is?  The “small” gift.  You know, something thoughtful to give your hairdresser, cleaning person,  petsitter, pen pal, closet organizer, cubicle mate, etc.  These are the women in your life you want to recognize, […]

Feedburner – Blog Posts via Email

I recently received this comment from a reader: I bought the book that you wrote with Skip McGrath about how to make money blogging and it is GREAT! I now have my own blog and I was hoping you could answer a question for me. (I have been using your blog for reference and it […]

Recommended Reading – The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl

I may have mentioned that my friend and client, Karen Burns, has written a book.  It’s The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use.  What I may have just hinted at, but now am saying boldly, is that you should read it.  Why?  It’s funny and practical all at once.  […]

Personal VPN

I took a small vacation over the Fourth of July. I wanted to take advantage of all the Wi-Fi services available in the airports, libraries and coffee houses on my trip.  However I also wanted to surf safely.  It was time to renew my VPN subscription. What’s VPN?  The folks at WiTopia have a great […]

Coffee Cup Dilemma

Earlier this week I was doing some CafePress coaching with one of my clients.  Things were going fine.  We went over adding images, making products and setting up her store.  Then we came to the issue of coffee cups. CafePress allows you to make custom coffee cups.  Here’s one of mine from my shop. It […]

Family Website

A few years ago my family wanted a family website.   I volunteered to help them find an online solution.  They wanted a place to chat with one another and post photos.  My concern was making sure that my family was safe from hackers and spammers.  And as always, everyone was concerned about the budget. I […]