This is the second part of a response to an article on the Wall Street Journal entitled How to Create a Successful Web Site For Nothing (or Almost Nothing). You can see part one of my response here. In part one I analyzed points one through three of the article.Read More →

“Why do we care about Technorati?” This was a comment in regard to my recent post on Technorati features. While Technorati is interesting it might be more of a falling star than a force to be reckoned with. In 2006 Technorati won the SXSW awards for Best Technical Achievement andRead More →

Do you want to read a REAL horror story? Then check out this article from Forbes about Google Hell. A client of mine went through this recently. Everything was fine and then one day Google didn’t list their site. It wasn’t as though they dropped in the listings. Suddenly theyRead More →