Daniel Scocco at Copyblogger wrote an interesting article entitled 4 Things an Ethical Internet Marketer Can Learn from Spammers.  Just to be clear, this article does not endorse spam at all.   Instead Daniel ponders an interesting question.  If we all hate spam (and we do) and we’re all on theRead More →

We’ve talked about spoofing before.  Basically it’s when evil spammers send out emails using your email address.  There’s nothing that can be done to prevent spammers from doing this. However there is something that can help stop the spoofed emails from reaching their destination – the wonderful SPF record. SPFRead More →

I hate spam. Before I started using my spam filter, Postini, I was getting about 150 spam emails a day. Now I only get from 1 to 2 spam emails a day. It’s a huge improvement. As much as I love Postini it’s not a perfect system. Last week aRead More →

What is spoofing

Spoofing is when a spammer manipulates the “from” field in an email to say it’s from someone else. Not only that but sometimes they’ll take it to the next level. The spammers will actually send you email from yourself. One question people have after they’ve been spoofed is will theyRead More →

One of the most prolific spammers was arrested here in the Seattle area this week. Robert Alan Soloway, 27, was charged with 35 counts of mail and wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, money laundering and fraud in connection with electronic mail. Mr. Soloway has quite a history: In 2005 MicrosoftRead More →

E-mail injection. Even the name sounds vile doesn’t it? In an e-mail injection attack spammers use forms on YOUR website to send out their spam. The basic idea is that a spammer, let’s call him Lousy Larry, finds a form on your website. It could be anything from a contactRead More →