Computer help

We’ve talked about spoofing before.  Basically, it’s when evil spammers send out emails using your email address.  There’s nothing that can be done to prevent spammers from doing this. However, there is something that can help stop the spoofed emails from reaching their destination – the wonderful SPF record. SPFRead More →

Your website

I hate spam, so I use a spam filter.  However, spam filters aren’t perfect. Last week a customer sent me an important email that my spam filter thought was spam. I had to go into the system, find the email and mark it as a “safe” email before I wasRead More →

What is spoofing

Spoofing is when a spammer manipulates the “from” field in an email to say it’s from someone else. Not only that but sometimes they’ll take it to the next level. The spammers will actually send you email from yourself. One question people have after they’ve been spoofed is will theyRead More →