Periodically studies come out about shopping cart abandonment.  Shopping cart abandonment is when people start to buy from an online store and then leave the site before they complete the checkout process. The percentage of customers that abandon their carts during the buy process was calculated to be 63.83% byRead More →

One of my customers was looking through her website statistics and she saw something called a robots.txt file.  “What the heck is it?” she asked. Robots.txt is a file that search engines use. It tells search engines to ignore the contents of certain file folders. For example, you may notRead More →

Have you heard about wikis?  One of the most used wikis is Wikipedia.  It’s an online encyclopedia where readers actually help write the website content.  How does that work?  I knew you’d ask that.  The folks over at Common Craft have made a video to explain just how wikis work.

This week I heard a new phrase, cyberchondria.  The definition of this word varies depending on who you ask.  But one of the definitions fits me perfectly.  I use the Internet to research health related questions.   (That’s good.) Then I assume the worst case.  (That’s bad.) A case inRead More →

I took a small vacation over the Fourth of July. I wanted to take advantage of all the Wi-Fi services available in the airports, libraries and coffee houses on my trip.  However I also wanted to surf safely.  It was time to renew my VPN subscription. What’s VPN?  The folksRead More →

The folks over at Common Craft have a great video that explains what RSS feeds are, why you’d want to use one and how to use one.

Did you know that website pages come in many different types? It’s true. You web browser (probably Internet Explorer) is built to handle many different types of website files. .html or .htm – These are “regular” website files.  HTML stats for Hyper Text Markup File. .shtml – SHTML pages areRead More →

This is the second part of a response to an article on the Wall Street Journal entitled How to Create a Successful Web Site For Nothing (or Almost Nothing). You can see part one of my response here. In part one I analyzed points one through three of the article.Read More →

A week ago The Wall Street Journal posted an article that bothers me a great deal. The title of the article is How to Create a Successful Web Site For Nothing (or Almost Nothing). The article starts out: Have you got eight hours and $10? Then you can build aRead More →