Websites 101

Websites 101 – Domain Names

A domain name is a unique name or address for a website. I recommend registering your domain name with GoDaddy.  That way even if you change website hosts, your domain name registration will be in the same place.

auto renewal

Auto Rewals – The Good and The Bad

I had a bad experience with auto renewals recently. However there are a few services that I will continue to auto renew and I recommend you do too!

Five Things to Check Before You Publish

WordPress makes adding pages and posts easy.  However don’t forget the important step of editing your posts before you publish!  Be sure to check these five things before you click the publish button. Spelling – WordPress comes with a built-in spell check.  Be sure to use it.  Typos happen to the best of us. View […]

Websites 101 – Picking Your Domain Name

If you’re thinking about putting up a website one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what domain name to pick.  Ideally you’d want a domain name that has all of the following qualities: Easy to Remember Make sure that people can remember your domain name.  You want them to be able to […]

Remember Your Website Statistics

Once your website is up and running be sure to get a website statistics program.  Exactly what one you get isn’t as important as the fact that you have one.  A statistics program will help you: see where your traffic is coming from discover who links to your site monitor website traffic growth learn what […]

An Oldie but a Goodie – Search Engines

I posted the following information about search engines almost two years ago.  It’s still a good primer on how search engines work. Pay careful attention to the section on repeating your keyword phrase in the text.  The phrase should be in the page title, included in the text a bunch of times, bolded and included […]

File Extensions for Website Pages

Did you know that website pages come in many different types? It’s true. You web browser (probably Internet Explorer) is built to handle many different types of website files. .html or .htm – These are “regular” website files.  HTML stats for Hyper Text Markup File. .shtml – SHTML pages are a step up from HTML.  […]

Keep Your Website Safe

What do website owners have in common with presidential candidates?  They’ve got to worry about hackers and website security.  Last summer the websites of both candidates came under attack. What can you do to keep your website safe? If you use any third party software on your website be sure to keep it updated.  These […]

Is My Website Up? – Part Two

Earlier I wrote about the need to make sure that your website is up and running.  In that article I recommended a sercice that I use called Pingdom. In addition to Pingdom I utilize another low-cost method of monitoring my website.  I make my website the start or home page for my browser.  So everytime […]