What do website owners have in common with presidential candidates?  They’ve got to worry about hackers and website security.  Last summer the websites of both candidates came under attack. What can you do to keep your website safe? If you use any third party software on your website be sureRead More →


Petrified.  That’s how some people feel when they think about their new website.  Even thinking about revamping an existing site can be overwhelming.  What if I do the wrong thing?  There are so many choices how do I know what to do?  Where do I start? Here are some guidingRead More →


Recently a customer was seeing a problem with the background of her website. She didn’t see the problem when she used her laptop. She only saw it when she used her office computer. I couldn’t see it at all. Another developer who was working with me on the project couldn’tRead More →


A few weeks ago one of my customers had a question about her website statistics program. “When I look at my website report page with the second highest number of page views is  ‘/’.  What page is that?” Excellent question. The “/”  in the stats program indicates the home page.Read More →

Your website

Sometimes you’ve just got to move on. Maybe your current website host feels that server outages are to be expected. (They’re not!) Maybe your host has bad technical support or is too expensive. Maybe you need some new services. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to move on. MovingRead More →

Computer stats

Most web hosts provide a free statistics program. If you’re unsure if your host offers one give your host a call and ask. Website statistics are a good way to track your website’s growth and learn more about your visitors. Page Views One website statistic that I always look atRead More →

questions for website developeer

Before websites were around “above the fold” was a newspaper term. It meant the part of the newspaper that you could see when it was folded in half. So above the fold used to mean what was on the front page of the newspaper above the fold line. For websitesRead More →