Website Overhaul

Ready for a Website Overhaul?

Do you have an old, hand-coded website and are thinking about doing a website overhaul and moving to WordPress? If so, here are some things that you should know.


WordPress Theme with Hard-Coded Items

Last week I worked on an old WordPress theme that had information hard-coded into it. There were tables, images and included files all coded directly into the WordPress theme itself. While the site owner could update pages and posts he couldn’t update the site menu.

WordPress Update Service

Today I did a WordPress website update for a customer.  It’s a quarterly service that’s quite popular with my customers. If you’re wondering what it’s like, here’s an edited version of the email I sent the customer after the update. I did your first quarterly update today.  I usually break the update notes into two […]

Graphene Theme Update and Shortcodes

One of my favorite WordPress themes is Graphene. It’s easy to use, has a home page slideshow and is extremely flexible. There are ways to edit the CSS. It enables you to create custom action hook widets. You can also update the header image, change colors, add custom code to the header and tons more. Another feature enables […]