Ususally I tell people to NOT look at the code view in WordPress. It can be scary. “What is that stuff? What does it mean? Make it go away!” These are all typical responses. But sometimes a blogger has to bite the bullet. Sometimes you’ve got to look at theRead More →

Do you ever have a problem remembering your great blogging ideas? I sure do. Sometimes I’ll be at the grocery store when the perfect idea for my next post pops into my head. Two days later when I sit down to write all I can remember is that I hadRead More →

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve written a brilliant blog post in Microsoft Word. With a sense of accomplishment you copy and paste it into WordPress. You hit the “publish” button. Your triumphant smile turns into a grimace as you look at your blog. The text looks funny. WhatRead More →

WordPress blogs come with an area known as a blogroll. A blogroll is just hi-tech lingo for a list of links. WordPress comes with sample links installed. You’ll probably want to take those out and put in a list of links of your own. You do that by logging intoRead More →

Say you’re going to be on vacation but you want to keep your blog going while you’re away. You have the posts ready. If only there was a way to schedule your post so that it would be published automatically at a later date. It’s your lucky day! What youRead More →

As my blog grows in popularity so does the amount of comment spam that I receive. I know that comment spam is generated by computers but I can’t fail to notice that the computers seem to perversely enjoy sending comment spam on articles relating to fighting comment spam. 🙂 GoRead More →

There was one aspect of WordPress that I had a rough time with at first. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to add a photo. Like anything else in life once you know how it’s easy. Log into WordPress and begin to write a page orRead More →