This week I heard a new phrase, cyberchondria.  What the heck is it?

The definition of this word varies depending on who you ask.  But one of the definitions fits me perfectly.  I use the Internet to research health-related questions.   (That’s good.) Then I assume the worst case.  (That’s bad.)

A case in point happened a few years ago.  I had a mystery skin problem.  I carefully researched all my symptoms and decided I might have MS.  How in the world could I go from an unexplained rash to MS?  You had to be there.  It made sense at the time.

A year ago Microsoft did a study on the subject of cyberchondria.  It turns out that I’m not alone in jumping to the worst conclusion on a medical issue.

Brylcreem used to have a slogan, “A little dab’ll do ya.”  I think that’s the route I’m going to go with my own medical research in the future.

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