Facebook has Moved the Pages Feed Again


Do you have a Facebook business page and are wondering where Facebook has hidden the “see pages feed” link?  Or wondering why using “https://www.facebook.com/YourPageHere/pages_feed/” no longer works?

Why did Facebook change its existing systems?  Why do they have no documentation (that I can find anyway) on a way to find the pages feed for your business Facebook page?  So many questions and no good answers.

I’m just taking comfort in the fact that I’ve found a way to see the feed for my Facebook business page.

NEW Technique: Go to the URL of your Facebook page and add /news_feed/ at the end.  In other words go to:

Note that this only works for Facebook business pages.  It will not work for personal pages.

How can you tell the difference between business and personal Facebook pages?  Can people “friend” your page?  If so, it’s a personal page.  That’s true even if your page is about a business.

If people can “like” your page then it’s a business page.

Here’s an article about how to change your personal Facebook page into a business page.


  1. Ahhh …. Thank you for solving the latest mystery in using FB!

    1. Author

      Heaven only knows. 🙂 With this link though we should always (hopefully) be able to find the pages feed.

  2. Thank you – this had been bothering me for weeks and your page was all I could find!!

    1. Same here! Thank you for lessening my frustation 😉

  3. I tried this and it’s not working. I get an error message:
    This Content Isn’t Available Right Now
    When this happens, it’s usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it’s been deleted.
    Go Back
    Visit Help Center
    Any assistance is appreciated as my business relies upon the promotion of other local businesses. I just want to see and share their posts.

    1. Author

      I think the problem is that your Facebook page is a personal page and not a business page. I’ve added a link in the article to show you how to change your personal page into a business page. Just be sure that you want to do this. I don’t believe that you can switch it back.

  4. I’ve tried this, and some sort of news feed does show up. However, our business page follows over 100 other pages, and the “news feed” only shows posts from about 5 pages. Literally! I’m confused why Facebook would limit the pages that show up in the news feed, since they supposedly want posts to be shared and spread. Once again, and change with no purpose and making it worse. Maybe they want us all to close our accounts!

    1. Following in case a solution is suggested. We have the same issue. Also, “suggested for you” content is over 2/3 total posts visible.

      1. I had a very limited news feed as well, then as of yesterday all I have is the Suggested For You banner and no page posts at all!

  5. Thanks for the info. I can see the page when I manually enter the URL, but would prefer if the business page news feed were an option on the page itself that i can easily click.
    Any idea how to get the news feed menu item to show up in my page menu?

    1. Author

      No idea. I’m so sorry. I wish that Facebook didn’t change things so frequently.

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