In an Emergency Remember Your Website

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None of us likes to think of the worst case scenario when it comes to our businesses. What if you’re a campground owner and your campground is inaccessible because of forest fires? What if you need to close up shop for a few months because of family illness? What if a snow storm forces you to cancel the day’s appointments. In all these situations remember that your website can provide a vital communication link with your customers.

If any of the above happen be sure to call or email your affected customers as best you can. Then let your website help you by providing supplemental information. In the case of a one-time incident add vital information to your website’s home page. Who should your customers call? When will things be back to normal? How do customers reschedule? A little bit of information will go a long way toward keeping your customer’s good will.

What about seasonal problems like snow storms? You can post your company’s inclement weather policy on your website. My dentist has a wonderful system where he uses the school district in his area as a guide. If there’s no school then the dentist office is closed.

Remember to let your website speak for you when you can’t.

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