Is My E-mail Working?


Things happen. Sometimes things happen that affect your e-mail.

One of my clients had a web host that helpfully reset the spam settings on all their customer’s e-mail accounts. The web host didn’t mention that they’d done this. The result was that every e-mail sent via my customer’s contact form was rejected. He stopped getting customer inquiries. He thought his business was slowing down. He had no idea he wasn’t getting his em-ails.

Another client forgot to pay her hosting bill. The web host had gone through some changes and their business name changed. She didn’t recognize the new name on the request for payment and just deleted the e-mails. The web host took her website down for a short period of time because of lack of payment. Once things got straightened out and her website was back up my client thought everything was fine. The only problem was that the web host forgot to reset her e-mail. She had no idea she wasn’t getting her e-mails.

If anything like this ever happens to you there’s a quick way to see if your e-mail works. Try sending yourself an e-mail. See if you get it and how long it takes to arrive. Go to your website. Fill out your own contact form. You can verify that your form works AND make sure it’s user friendly in one fell swoop.

If you don’t receive your e-mail check your spam filter.  If the email isn’t there, then it’s time to call your web host. If they say there’s nothing they can do then it’s time to bring in a website developer. If you don’t have a website developer please feel free to contact me.

Things do happen but they’re really just bumps in the road.

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