Moving to a New Website Host

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Sometimes you’ve just got to move on. Maybe your current website host feels that server outages are to be expected. (They’re not!) Maybe your host has bad technical support or is too expensive. Maybe you need some new services. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to move on.

Moving to a new host takes some planning and coordination, but it can be relatively painless.

Plan for Moving to a New Host:

  1. Get your new website host before your fire your old one.
  2. Make a copy of your website on the new host. Check to make sure that everything works.
  3. Add all of the email addresses associated with your domain name to the new website host.
  4. Change the Domain Name Server (DNS) to point to the new website host. Think of this as changing the telephone number of your website in the Internet telephone book or DNS. This step makes sure that everyone finds their way to your new website host.
  5. Do your final check. Once you’ve crossed all these items off your list then you can cancel the account with your old website host.
    • Do you have a copy of all files from the old host?
    • Do you have all the emails from the old host?
    • Is the new site working 100%?
    • Is the DNS switched?

Follow these steps and your site should be up and running on its new host in no time flat.

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