Newsletter Tips


If you publish an online newsletter be sure to sign up for it yourself.  It helps you answer some important questions, questions that you should be asking.

Did the newsletter really go out? Earlier this week I assisted a client with his newsletter.  He was going to send out the newsletter email later in the day.  I subscribe to the newsletter so I knew something was amiss when I didn’t receive it.  I asked the client about it and he investigated.  There had been a problem with the company that sends out the emails for the newsletter.  The newsletter didn’t go out as planned and the client didn’t know until I asked about it.

What does the newsletter look like? There could be hundreds, if not thousands, of people on your mailing list.  Don’t you want to know what they’re seeing?

What’s the sign-up process like? I want website owners to go through the same process that their clients do when they sign up for a newsletter.  Is it easy?  What information is required?  Do people know what to expect after they’ve signed up?  A newsletter can be an invaluable tool.  You need to make the most of it by making sure the sign-up process goes smoothly.

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