No logo? No problem! It's not needed in this eye-catching design. The website also utilizes blocks and icons to make your information stand out.

Websites don't have to be complicated or expensive! A handcrafted, hand-coded website, that's made without a database or software system, can be the perfect solution for small businesses or organization.

These websites don't need software updates. They look great on mobile devices. The website can run for years without being updated or edited.

Additionally, I'll walk you through the entire process. I can answer your questions and take care of all the technical details.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Mobile Friendly

Your website will automatically be displayed properly on whatever type of device a visitor is using. It doesn't matter if your site is being viewed on a cell, tablet or desktop. Your site will look great!

Why is that important? The number of website visitors looking at sites with mobile devices can vary by country and industry. However, many of my customers find that 40 to 50 percent of their website traffic comes from mobile or hand-held devices.

No Maintenance Necessary

Many modern websites are built with WordPress. It's a great solution for businesses and organizations that want to blog or update content frequently. The issue is that WordPress systems have software that needs to be updated on a regular basis.

Hand-coded websites don't need updates. They can run for years without being touched at all.

This website solution is perfect for:

  • small businesses
  • home owners association
  • churches
  • clubs
  • non-profits

Beyond the Basics

These websites can go way beyond the basics. Your hand-crafted website can include premium features like contact forms, tabbed content, comparison charts and slideshows.

Interested in seeing website statistics? I can help you get a free Google Analytics account and install the code for you.

Security is important to website visitors. SiteGround, the hosting company that I recommend, offers a free SSL certificate. I can get this set up for you so that your website will be HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Ready to See Some Samples?

Sample One - This is an example of a website built around a logo. It also features tabbed content. This is a great way to add information to websites without adding extra pages.

Sample Two - No logo? No problem! It's not needed in this eye-catching design. The website also utilizes blocks and icons to make your information stand out.

Sample Three - These handcrafted, hand-coded websites can have dramatic image effects. This site features a beautiful header image, a photo gallery, and a slideshow. Wondering about a contact form? These websites can have contact forms and this site has an example.

Note that your website can contain any feature from these sample sites. Wondering if your website can have more than one page? Having websites with multiple pages is no problem!

Contact us to see how we can put this money-saving technology to use for you.