Making Older, Hand-Coded Websites Mobile-Friendly

Do you have an older hand-coded website that you like.  It works fine, except for the fact that it’s not mobile-friendly.  Guess what?  You do not need a new website.  We can make your existing site look good on cell phones and tablets.

You heard me right.  I can make hand-coded, handcrafted HTML sites look good on smartphones and tablets.  It doesn’t matter if they were made with FrontPage, HomeSite or DreamWeaver.  I can make your website look good on mobile devices without changing how the desktop version of the site looks.

Visitors to your site will see pages presented in different ways that look great on different sized screens. You do not need two websites or a special service.

This is a great feature for websites with 20 pages or less that aren’t updated frequently.  (Do you need updates to your hand-coded site?  I can do those too.)

If you’d like to make your site mobile-friendly contact me for more information.