Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the ability to make your site come up in the first few results of the first page on Google for your chosen search term.  We focus on Google because it’s the most popular search engine.  And we concentrate on the first few results because those get most of the search engine traffic.

We take SEO a step further and look at the marketing plan for your website. This gives you a framework for working on website content and connecting with your clients.  It’s a tool that will save you time and money.

Analysis, Planning and Infrastructure:

We’ll start by learning more about you and your business.  What are your business goals?  Who is your target market?  How do your customers usually find you?  Then we’ll take a look at your site and see how it helps (or doesn’t help) you meet your business goals. This phase will include:

  • Website design analysis – Does your site look professional?  Does it match your business goals and target market?
  • Broken link check
  • Mobility analysis – Does it display well on mobile devices?
  • Competitive analysis – What are other sites in your field like?  What features do they have?  How do their sites help them meet their goals?
  • Keyword analysis – What are your keywords?  What pages rank well for that term?  Are the keywords a good match for your business?

Then we’ll make an action plan for your site.  We’ll start by adding Google Analytics so that we can get baseline numbers to track the progress of our efforts.

Every website is different but other tasks can include:

  • Website changes – This can run the gamut from fixing broken links to a website redesign.
  • Adding a blog, newsletters or other features.
  • Adding and Configuring SEO Plugin for WordPress Sites
  • Setting up HootSuite for social media
  • Adding Facebook and Twitter content
  • Setting up a social media routine

Content and Connection

Having this framework in place will help you better plan your blog posts and other social media.  Your posts will be purposeful and designed to help your customers learn about your services and buy your products.

However, we go beyond standard search engine optimization. We can help you to:

  • Interact with site visitors via comments or social media – We can show you how to turn comments into new blog posts.  We can also help set up polls and questions to help you gain insight into what your customers or readers really want.
  • Produce good quality content on a regular basis – We can assist you to utilize your website content so that one blog post can be used in multiple ways.
  • Participate within the online community for your chosen field – We can help you find online communities.
  • Add a newsletter –  Maintain contact with people how have already visited your site.

Sound interesting?  Contact us for a free consultation!