WordPress Update Service

There’s a reason that WordPress is such a popular platform. It’s powerful and easy to use, it does need some maintenance now and again.  WordPress software, plugins and even themes need to be updated periodically. Keeping your software updated helps to keep hackers out and your WordPress installation running smoothly.

That’s why I developed the quarterly update service.  Every three months I back up the WordPress database and website files. Then I update the WordPress software, plugins and themes.

The updates usually take 30 to 60 minutes depending on the number of plugins.  Updates are billed at my regular hourly rate.

As a part of this service, I add plugins to improve your site’s functionality.  It varies from site to site, but I’ve added:

  • security plugins
  • plugins to make your site look good on mobile devices
  • a plugin that copies form submissions to the database so you never lose any information

I’ll ask for logins to your website hosting account.  Having that information enables me to make needed changes on your hosting account.  It differs with each website host but  I’ve helped clients by:

  • changing PHP versions
  • setting up free services like SSL certificates and backups

Infrequently a plugin and the new version of WordPress don’t get along.  If there are any compatibility issues,  I’ll spend up to an hour and fifteen minutes (1.25 hours) attempting to fix the problem before consulting the client.  This rarely happens and when it does I can fix most issues within an hour and a quarter.

To see an example of the report you’ll get with your update service click here.

Contact us if you’re interested in the quarterly WordPress update service.