Style Tester

Style Tester by Perryweb.comWhen you’re trying out a new site design there are a lot of elements to consider. How big is the H1 tag? What color is the H2 tag? Is there a mouseover treatment for the links?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to quickly test and evaluate all of these style elements? I thought so and so I figured out a way to do it. You can use this free tool to check out various elements of your website design.

Here’s how one website looks:

Website styles

And here’s the styling for another:

More Website styles

There’s quite a difference isn’t there? How does your website look?

To use the Style Tester on your site or blog click on Highlight All. Then copy and paste into the text or code area of your page or post. Save it and then preview.

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