I was watching an old episode of The Office on Netflix and saw this episode. Too funny! Seriously though, if you’d like a blog I’d be pleased to discuss the project with you. Just contact me and you’ll see how easy it is to have an online presence.

Heather Armstrong’s blog dooce.com is very popular.  How popular is it?  In 2008 ABC estimated that Heather earned over $40,000 per month from her blog.  Per month! She has over 1,500,000 Twitter followers!   That much social media pull can be very useful.  Very useful indeed,  if you have a brandRead More →

Daily Blog Tips just posted a list of  Top 5 Blogging Misconceptions.  While blogging is fun and can be a great way to add to your income, there is another side to the story.  Like anything else, there are pluses and minuses with blogging.  It’s not a free ride.  YouRead More →

I’ve made the jump to WordPress 2.8. What do I think?  I think that that the new theme downloader is fantastic! In WordPress 2.8 when you click on the “Appearance” tab in the left-hand navigation bar you’ll see a new option. See the “Add new Theme”?  When you click onRead More →

WordPress 2.8 is coming!  It’s scheduled launch date is next Wednesday. Geting new themes will be a snap. You’ll be able to download and install new themes directly from your dashboard.  No icky FTP required. The revamped widget area will be easy to use. The new layout of the widgetRead More →