Protect your GoDaddy Account

Yesterday I got a call from a prospective customer who we’ll call “Sam”. Sam told me about how he lost control of five websites hosted with GoDaddy. A hacker broke into Sam’s GoDaddy account and changed all the logins including the WordPress and FTP logins. When Sam realized there was a problem he contacted GoDaddy to try and get […]

GoDaddy Down

  GoDaddy is having a massive outage. Early, unconfirmed reports are that the group Anonymous is taking responsibility

Working with BlueHost – Updating Addon Directory

The other day I moved a customer’s website from GoDaddy to BlueHost.   As you may know, with a BlueHost account you can host multiple websites on one hosting account.   The customer is taking advantage of that fact and is having me move his sites to BlueHost. I logged into the customer’s BlueHost account and went […]

Free Tools for Your Website – Check For Broken Links

  I’ve been using Xenu’s Link Sleuth ™ for a long time.  How long?  I started writing code in 1998 and I think I found this tool within my first year as a website developer. Xenu goes through your site and finds broken links.  It’s a great tool for “traditional” (non-blog) websites.  Just download the […]

WordPress Update – 3.1.2

Sorry to be so long about updating you about WordPress 3.1.2.  My recent days have all been about GoDaddy.  You can count on several blog posts about last week’s adventures.  In the meantime, I do NOT recommend GoDaddy for WordPress hosting. You can also look forward to an exciting tale of how asking GoDaddy to […]