It’s sad to say, but hackers are a reality of existence for website owners. They use automated systems to attempt to gain access to WordPress control panels and look for outdated software that can be exploited. Luckily there are some things you can do to help keep the bad guysRead More →

An interesting thing happened to one of my customers this week.  She received an email complaining that her website had been hacked and had crashed a visitor’s computer.  It turns out that the site wasn’t hacked, but it was an exciting half an hour. What if you don’t have aRead More →

It’s every website owner’s nightmare.  You discover your site is hacked.  Now what do you do? It’s probably not as bad as you think Over the years I’ve helped several of my clients after their websites were hacked.  Most of the sites were easy to fix.   In fact, about halfRead More →

The folks over at WordPress are talking about a worm that’s infecting older versions of WordPress.  If you haven’t upgraded your software, now’s the time! Right now there is a worm making its way around old, unpatched versions of WordPress. This particular worm, like many before it, is clever: itRead More →