WordPress Website: What Plugins Are You Using?

Starting in 2015 every WordPress website or blog from Perry Internet Consulting comes with a list of plugins used on the site.  This makes it easy for website owners to know what piece of software performs each function. Here’s a partial list for a new website that launched today: Advanced Image Styles – Lets you […]

Tables and WordPress

Website developers use tables to give web pages structure.  Tables are useful for firmly positioning text and photos. Here’s an example of a table at work.   I’ve made a border around the table cells so you can see how it holds the two images and text in place: Here’s some text that spans both […]

WordPress Plugins – Part Two

As I mentioned in my last post, I added three WordPress plugins to this blog recently. Two of those plugins are visible to you folks reading the blog. Popularity Contest The first plugin is Popularity Contest developed by Alex King. This plugin generates a list of your most popular posts. It looks at things like […]

WordPress Plugins

One of the reasons that I recommend WordPress blogs is because of the variety of available plugins. What in the world are plugins you ask? Plugins are software programs that you (or your trusty website developer) can add to your WordPress blog. Plugins enable to you do more with your blog. WordPress says, “Plugins are […]

Akismet – Fight Comment Spam

As my blog grows in popularity so does the amount of comment spam that I receive. I know that comment spam is generated by computers but I can’t fail to notice that the computers seem to perversely enjoy sending comment spam on articles relating to fighting comment spam. 🙂 Go figure. I’ve previously written about […]