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Ask The Website Developer – Why Linux?

A client is thinking about moving her WordPress site to a hosting company that has both Linux and Windows servers. We were talking about the issue and I told her to be sure and get the Linux plan if she decides to move her site. Just curious, why do you prefer Linux? She wanted to […]

WordPress Website: What Plugins Are You Using?

Starting in 2015 every WordPress website or blog from Perry Internet Consulting comes with a list of plugins used on the site.  This makes it easy for website owners to know what piece of software performs each function. Here’s a partial list for a new website that launched today: Advanced Image Styles – Lets you […]

Adding WooCommerce Product Categories to Custom Menus

A few weeks ago I received an email from a customer named Travis.  He’s got an online store powered by the WooCommerce plugin.  The store has been up and running for months.  However Travis recently had a problem adding product categories to the store’s custom menu. WordPress Custom Menus and WooCommerce If you’re unfamiliar with WordPress custom […]

Goodbye, Kitchen Sink! Hello, Toolbar Toggle!

Anyone who’s had a WordPress lesson from me has heard about the kitchen sink. It’s an icon on your post/page editor that controls the visibility of the second row of editing icons. Back in 2008 the second row of icons was added to WordPress. However to see it took some work! Here’s a quote from […]

WordPress 4.1 Features and Updating

WordPress 4.1 was released late last week.  This version, named “Dinah” in honor of jazz singer Dinah Washington, is a major new release.  I’ve updated four WordPress sites today.  Two of them used the Graphene theme and two of them used WordPress Weaver.  None of the sites had a problem with WordPress 4.1. This new version […]

The Scoop – WordPress 4.0, Mobile Websites and More

The last few months have been a real whirlwind.  Here’s the scoop . . . . WordPress 4.0 Last month WordPress 4.0, otherwise known as Benny, came out. I’ve been using it and have seen no problems.  As always, be sure to backup everything before you update. Website Redo and WordPress Page Builder I’ve been […]

Changing Times – XSitePro Closes Down

Back in the day there were a number of software systems that helped people make websites.  One of those software systems was XSitePro.  The software was released in 2004.  Sadly, their ten-year run is at an end.  They’ve closed their doors as of today. Why?  The head of the company, Paul Smithson, wrote a blog […]

How to Deal With Photos in WordPress 3.9

Over the weekend I received an interesting email from a client, “I can’t find the place to add spacing width around my pictures anymore in WordPress – did they move it with the last update?”  Yes, the folks at WordPress removed the ability to add padding and borders around photos.  Would you believe that it’s […]

WordPress – Unable to Update Plugin

Today I had an interesting problem while adding and updating the Akismet plugin on a client’s site.  It just would not work.  I could add and update other plugins, just not Akismet.  I got error message dealing the the file.php in the wp-admin/includes directory. I did some research.  While this issue was showing up for […]