Technical Problems

computer problem

During the last two weeks, I’ve had more than my share of technical problems. The first issue was with my email. It was up and down (mostly down) for two days. Email is something that we all like to complain about but when it stops coming it’s painful.

Last Friday my FTP software stopped working. FTP software is what I use to move website pages from my computer to the website host. In this instance, I could email my clients just fine, but I couldn’t make changes to their sites.

So what’s a person to do when technical problems occur?

  1. Recognize that you’re about to have a learning opportunity. A product is only as good as its technical support and you’re about to learn a lot about the company that you’re working with. My email problem took a long time to solve and I was given a lot of misinformation along the way. That company has some black marks in my book. The FTP software is by Ipswitch and they had wonderful technical support. My problem was solved and the software even got an update in the process.
  2. Make a backup plan for next time. Now that I’m not in the heat of the moment I’ve developed a plan for a backup email address. I’ve even got a plan for dealing with my next FTP problem. (Although with my new software update I doubt I’ll have a problem.)
  3. Take a deep breath and realize that technical problems happen to the best of us. In early June’s website went down for about an hour and a half.  In a world where the website can go down, anything can happen.

As I endeavor to take my own advice I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that technical problems don’t happen in threes.  🙂

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