Website Planning


So you’re thinking about getting a website.  That’s great!  Here are some questions that will help you in the planning process:

1 – What is the purpose of your website?  Some websites:

  • sell things online
  • provide contact information for your customers
  • show examples of your work
  • educate customers
  • provide needed forms and information to customers
  • share lists of upcoming events
  • collect potential client information

This is just a partial list of the ways a website can support you and your business.

2 – What are 3 websites in your industry that you like?

You can get great ideas from what your competition.  Do they have features that you like?  Do they present information in an interesting way?  How do you feel after visiting their website?  Find three websites in your industry and make notes on what exactly you like about them.  Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.

3 – How do you differ from your competitors?  What sets you apart from everyone else?

Your website should reflect your likes, dislikes and your unique personality.  The website should reflect your strengths.

There are many other items to consider but answering these three questions is a great start!

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