Websites 101 – What is a web host?

Websites 101

When I’m talking with customers about a new website one of the things I talk about is website hosting. A web host is a company that provides server space for the files that make up your website. The servers (also known as really big computers) are attached to the Internet.

I work with a lot of website hosts.  A good website host has two qualities.

1. Working Servers – You might think, “Why is this a big deal? After all this is what they’re paid for.” I could tell you horror stories about this! Want to see my blood pressure rise? Show me a server that’s down. I’m usually a calm person but I have ZERO tolerance for non-working servers.

2. Fantastic Customer Support – I look for friendly and knowledgeable staff that can impart knowledge without too much technical lingo. It’s also important that there be 24/7 telephone support.

What about price?  I’m fairly budget conscious but you don’t want to trust your website hosting to the lowest bidder.  Pay a few extra dollars for a good website host. You’ll be glad you did.

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